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This course will not be offered during the 2014/2015 workshop series.  Please check back for future dates.
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CE Worshops for Dental Professionals

As dental hygienists continue to work in clinical practice, they often forget about or ignore proper ergonomics to prevent job-related pain and injuries. An ergonomic review will take place in the clinic setting to utilize the dental unit for ideal operator/patient positioning, as well as other suggestions to reduce bodily stress for a healthier, longer career.

The second part of this course will aid the dental hygiene practitioner to change paradigms and incorporate ultrasonic instrumentation and air polishing into clinical practice. Historical ideologies often make it difficult to change practice patterns, even though evidence-based research has shown ultrasonic instrumentation and air polishing to be advantageous therapeutically, as well as being ergonomically superior to hand scaling and rubber cup polishing.

After a didactic review of the concepts and current theory of ultrasonic instrumentation (including both magnetostrictive and piezoelectric technology) and air polishing, hands-on practice will take place (CaviJet Plus® magnetostrictive ultrasonic/air polishing units and Symmetry IQ® piezoelectric units will be used). All participants must present a current dental hygiene license and CPR certification. Please dress comfortably and bring a lab coat and safety glasses.


  • Jessica Morgan, MSPT, Evergreen Physical Therapy
  • Susan Wancour, RDH, MS, Assistant Professor, Clinic Coordinator

*If you are pregnant, you must register for this course after delivery due to possible risk to the fetus.

** Participants must also have access to a computer with CD-ROM drive and at least the Windows 2000 operating system with Microsoft Power Point.


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