Reinvigorating Excellence 
Phase 2 & 3 Liaison and
Field Representative


Phone: (231) 591-5802




Assessment/Achievement Liaison Duties and Responsibilities: 

provide quality oversight and academic monitoring to all FSU-authorized Public School Academies that are participating in the Reinvigorating Excellence Program, and will attend meetings with Board of Directors and/or school improvement teams to periodically assess the academy’s academic progress toward achievement of educational goals, and submit written reports to the Charter Schools Office.


Academy Oversight Responsibilities:

*Michigan Connections Academy (MICA)

Field Representative Duties and Responsibilities:

FSU Field Representatives serve as the "eyes and ears" of the CSO office in the field. Representatives are required to visit their assigned academies and Academy Board meetings at least six (6) times during the year to monitor and report back to the CSO on the following:

* Safety compliance
* Teacher certification
* Oversight review
* Classroom observations
* Operational issues within the Academy
* General operation upkeep of physical plant
* Proper posting of the Academy Board meetings
* Proper parliamentary procedures at Board meetings

All academy visits are documented in report form to the Director within five (5) days of attendance, and verbal reports on academies are given at monthly meetings of the CSO staff.