Compliance Procedure

Various documents are required to be submitted to the CSO (per the contractual agreement with each respective academy). The list includes, and is not limited to, the following:

  1. Academic achievement test results (e.g., MEAP, the CTBS, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, etc.)

  2. Public meeting postings/notices, minutes of meetings, Board meeting agenda, etc.

  3. Financial documents (operating budget, quarterly financial reports, budget summaries and listing of bills paid, etc.)

  4. Board member information (Oath of Office, Acceptance of Public Office, application letters, term expirations, etc.)

  5. School-related documents (e.g., occupancy permits and lease, teacher certifications, emergency logs, fire and tornado drills, proof of insurance, management company contract, "Semi-Annual Certificate of Compliance," etc.)

  6. Separate binders at each academy may contain hard copies of all the required documents as well as policies and procedures, Contract with the University, Asbestos Management Plan, handbooks, and other documents required for the efficient operation of the academy.

As previously stated, each academy's level of compliance can be monitored on a daily basis using AOIS.