Strategies for Effective Assessment: Embedding Assessment

Standardized instruments or surveys, while they have their use, may often be seen by students as being external to their real course work. Many students may not provide their best effort on an assessment instrument that is not graded and is not seen as an integral part of their course work.

Assessment can be done effectively with samples of material that are integrated into the graded work of a course.

  • Test questions that may tie to a key outcome that is being assessed can be included in the actual test used in the course, even across multiple sections.
  • Portfolios collect work already done as part of different courses.
  • Pre and post instruments, such as a writing sample, can be included as assignments within one or multiple sections.
  • Projects done in multiple courses in an area could be used to assess a broader skill such as problem solving or team work using one common rubric.

The best assessment can draw on what we already do within our course work without creating an excessive amount of extra work for either teacher or faculty member.

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