Faculty Evaluation

The quality of Ferris faculty is fundamental to the quality of student learning. Faculty members are regularly evaluated to facilitate their development as needed. All faculty members collect institutionally approved student surveys concerning their teaching each semester that they teach. Every five years, all tenured faculty members go through a process of Post-Tenure review where their teaching, service, and professional activities are reviewed by the appropriate supervisor with recommendations for improvement where necessary. Tenure-track faculty undergo yearly and systematic review of their performance by the appropriate supervisor and a Faculty tenure committee; such a review includes observations of the faculty member's teaching. Adjuncts and one year appointments are carefully reviewed with the appropriate supervisor or his or her designate directly observing their teaching and making recommendations for their renewal when appropriate. A promotion process is in place in each College to review candidates for promotion and evaluate the quality of their teaching, service, and learning. Faculty Development funding, Sabbatical leave, training by the Faculty Center of Teaching and Learning, and other opportunities are provided to maintain the quality faculty that insures a quality Ferris education.