ASL Faculty and Courses Spring 2014
Name Course Course Name
Alspach, Sandy COMM 366 Diversity and Communication
Beistle, Kimberly DHYG 233 Dental Hygiene Practice 4
Burns, Sandra DHYG 237
DHYG 239
Community Dentistry
Conley-Sowels, Christine
& Flachs, Brady
EDUC 415 Teaching Strategies for Special Education
& Diverse Populations
Fox, Dawn SCWK 320 Theories & Methods of Practice II
Harlan, Kathleen DHYG 126 Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice I
Hazelton, Joanie SCWK 320 Theories & Methods of Practice II
Inabinett, Jean ACCT 441 Auditing
Piercey, Victor MATH 117 Contemporary Mathematics
Vizina-Roubal, Janet SCWK 330 Advanced Interviewing Skills