Digital Measures

Digital Measures is an activity tracking system in use at hundreds of universities across the country. The system enables efficient reporting of professional development endeavors, scholarship, and updated resumes. Some of the colleges at Ferris have been using the system for a few years, and others are coming on board this year. The system is easy to use and support is being provided to get initial data entered, so that individuals will only need to report new activities, such as certifications, presentations, etc. Faculty and staff will have instantly accessible updated resumes, and programs will have the documentation they need for accreditation, grant proposals, presentation submissions, and more. The system is highly customizable, according to the special requirements of various areas.

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Implementation Group

  • Carrie Adams
  • Michelle Balliet 
  • David Damari
  • Jon Dean
  • Vicky Deur
  • Thomas Dowling
  • Jody Gardei
  • Lincoln Gibbs
  • Jennifer Hegenauer
  • Angie Hollister
  • Joseph Lipar
  • Laine Mitchell
  • John Schmidt
  • Deedee Stakley
  • Christi Swank
  • Roberta Teahen
  • Janet Vizina Roubal