Preliminary Curriculum Approval Process

The preliminary curriculum approval process assures linkage between the curriculum program development process, the Ferris State University Academic Plan, and the University planning process. Completion of the Preliminary Curriculum Approval Form (PCAF) requires a brief and preliminary response to questions that address the entire range of information and topics that proposal initiators need to keep in mind. Submission of a PCAF to the Provost allows the Provost to grant preliminary approval and authorizes curriculum/program proposal initiators to proceed with development of a full proposal. Preliminary approval does not guarantee final approval; also, the Provost may choose not to grant preliminary approval.

Preliminary curriculum proposal approval is required for the following curriculum initiatives:

  • New degrees, majors, concentrations
  • All new minors, including teaching minors, that include three or more new courses and/or other new resources
  • New certificates involving three or more new courses and/or other new resources
  • Major curriculum revision involving redirection or shift of emphasis in an existing program and requiring three or more new courses and/or other new resources
  • Curricular customization of existing program for delivery to an off-campus cohort group

The University Curriculum Committee details the full preliminary program proposal approval process. You can download a copy of the PCAF here

Reviewed Preliminary Curriculum Approval Forms (PCAFs)