Scheduling Content

You will almost always do scheduling from the content level rather than the template level. Scheduling from the template level should only be used if you are using a specific template for an event that doesn't match your everyday template.

  • Find the content you wish to schedule in the content tab.
  • Right click and select 'Edit'.
  • The dialog box you saw when you imported the content should pop up. Go to 'Suggested Recurrence' and click the ellipses at the right of the dialog box.
    • For consistent content, go down to the last section of the dialog box and choose either weekly or monthly.
      • Weekly - Choose which days you want your content to play. (this option plays the content for the entire day selected)
      • Monthly - Choose a specific day of each month or choose a specific scheduling pattern.

    • For temporary content, focus on the top three sections of the dialog box.
    • Choose the day that you want your content to first appear on your sign under 'Date of first occurence'. This is helpful when you want to schedule content to play on days where you won't be able to access your signage software.
    • If you want the content to only play during certain times of the day, move to the second section to choose a start and end time. you can also choose how many days you wish this content to play at the specific time.
    • If you wish to have a range in which you want your content to play, skip to the third section of the dialog box.

When scheduling an event poster, use the 'End by' function and schedule it to end the day after the date on the poster. This will help you organize your content and to keep your content flowing if you aren't able to work in the software everyday.