File Management

File management is one of the most important and also the one of the most overlooked aspects of any digital profession. When it comes to digital signage, proper file management saves a lot of time and also keeps your files organized. 

Primary File Management

Within your computer's files, you should have a folder specifically for digital signage. This separates any other files you may have from the ones pertaining to digital signage. It also keeps your signage files from getting mixed in with other files. 

Within the digital signage folder should be a mixture of all the different types of content and other files pertaining to your specific digital signage needs. There should always be an images folder that holds any and all posters or other kinds of graphics that are being used on your digital signs. Posters should also be broken down into horizontal and vertical. 

You should also have a folder for exported signs within the same folder as your images folder. Each sign you export should have its own folder within the exported signs folder. This will keep all the content straight and make it easier for you to find the sign when you are moving from Sandbox into production.

You should also have a video folder if you plan on having videos playing on your signs.

Secondary File Management - Content Manager

The way you manage your files within Content Manager should look very similar to the management of files within your computer's file management system. You might have another folder for widgets such as the date and time, the weather, and any text elements you have created within the application.