Part 8 Subpart 8-8 Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Sec. 8-806. University Resources and Programs -- Student Resources.

  1. The Counseling Center's Wellness Resource Center is the primary resource library for information about alcohol/other drugs, sexual assault and HIV/AIDS. The Center houses pamphlets, books, a clipping file, and audio and videotapes for personal and/or school use.
    Call 591-2668 for more information, hours, or to make an appointment.
  2. Information about alcohol, nicotine (tobacco), marijuana, cocaine, steroids, inhalants, stimulants, depressants, narcotics -- some of the laws and the effects that they have on individuals and those they care about -- is available in a number of locations. The primary source for this material is the Counseling Center's Wellness Resource Center; however, there is a pamphlet rack with some of this information located in each academic building that houses a college dean's office.

    Similar and additional information can be obtained in the Office of Student Judicial Services (RC 208), and the Counseling Center (RC 221). In addition to these informational resources, the Counseling Center can provide individualized counseling and/or referrals to students who want or need special assistance.

    Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize following web site: