Part 8 Subpart 8-8 Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Sec. 8-805. University Resources and Programs -- Employee Assistance Service.

  1. The Employee Assistance Service (EAS) is a benefit provided by Ferris State University to confidentially assist employees and their families to resolve problems. When problems of a personal nature occur, they not only affect an employee's personal life, but can affect his/her work life, too. Employees are encouraged not to wait to resolve those problems until they become overwhelming or jeopardize their work.
  2. While utilizing the EAS, employees are assured of privacy. No information will be released without the employee's written consent, and all records are kept according to state and federal confidentiality guidelines and separate from any personnel and medical files.
  3. Employee Assistance Services is an employee benefit, paid for by Ferris State University. There is no charge for employee assistance services. If a referral is made to an outside provider, the employee may elect to cover those services with health care benefits. Every effort will be made to coordinate the services recommended with the employee's existing insurance coverage.
  4. The Employee Assistance Service has a toll-free "800" number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a crisis occurs, Employee Assistance Services will see the client on that same day or provide a referral for the type of problem he or she is experiencing.


The EAS is coordinated by Ferris' Office of Human Resource Development (HRD). Further information may be obtained by contacting HRD.

Cross Reference:

Subpart 8-5. Drug-free workplace policy.