Part 7 Subpart 7-2 Statement of Equal Opportunity in Education and Services to the Public

Sec. 7-201. Equal Opportunity in Education.

The University reaffirms its policy of administering all of its educational programs, and related support services and benefits, in a manner that does not discriminate with respect to a student or prospective student in any way which violates the University's Policy on Non-Discrimination. The University is committed to providing education relevant to a changing society to all students who have the motivation to succeed and the ability to benefit from the opportunity and have been admitted to the University. A practice of affirmative recruitment and retention of members of under-represented or disadvantaged populations supports this policy of opportunity and accessibility. This policy applies to each and every phase of educational programs, services and benefits, including recruitment, applications, admissions, enrollment, counseling and guidance, financial assistance, degree requirements, athletics, student life and other activities.