Part 6 Subpart 6-9 Medical Examinations

Sec. 6-901. Required Examinations - President, Vice Presidents, and Academic Deans.

The President is required to undergo a pre-hire physical examination and annual physical examinations during the period of employment. Vice Presidents and academic deans (not including assistant or associate deans) are required to undergo pre-hire physical examinations and biennial physical examinations during the period of employment, unless more frequent examinations are recommended by the examining physician.

Sec. 6-902. Other Required Examinations.

In situations where an employee's apparent physical or mental condition raises a question as to the employee's ability to perform the employee's work, the President (or in the case of the President, the Board) may require the employee to undergo a medical examination.

Sec. 6-903. Costs and Purposes of Examinations.

The University will pay the costs of all examinations required under this subpart. In all such examinations, the examining physical will be requested to certify whether or not the employee is currently able to perform the duties of his or her position.

Prior Board Action:

Entire Subpart 6-9 included in October 19, 2001 Codification, Phase I.

Entire Subpart 6-9 included in October 22, 2004 Codification, Phase II.