Part 6 Subpart 6-15 Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University


Sec. 6-15701. Accrual and Use of Sick/Short-term Disability Leave.

  1. The section shall apply to all regular, full-time non-bargaining unit employees. Part-time, temporary, or casual employees do not accumulate sick time.
  2. An eligible full-time non-bargaining unit employee shall receive sick/short-term disability leave of sixty-five (65) workdays (the equivalent of 90 calendar days). The sick/short-term disability leave will be reinstated each June 1. Newly hired eligible full-time non-bargaining unit employees will receive pro-rata sick/short-term disability based on date of hire.
  3. The accumulated sick/short-term disability leave shall not exceed sixty-five (65) workdays. Since sick/short-term disability leave is provided as a protection while employed, no payment of sick/short-term disability leave will be made upon termination of employment.
  4. Paid sick time may be taken by an eligible full-time non-bargaining unit employee for serious health conditions or disabilities. In unusual circumstances, the employee's supervisor may approve the use of sick time privileges in the instance of the serious health condition of a member of the employee's immediate family to a maximum of three (3) workdays per incident. Sick time may be granted for medically-related incidents/appointments for the employee and dependents. If an employee is absent for illness three consecutive workdays, the illness must be supported by a physician's statement.
  5. If an employee is absent more than six days during the June 1 through May 31 year, subsequent absences due to illness must be substantiated by a physician's statement. Failure to do so will result in non-payment of sick/short-term disability leave and possible disciplinary action.
  6. An employee must notify his/her supervisor of all sick time absences as promptly as possible. The supervisor, in turn, must record the absence for payroll processing in the appropriate pay period.
  7. An employee who has exhausted sick/short-term disability leave due to extended illness shall have the sick/short-term disability leave of sixty-five (65) workdays reinstated on a pro-rata basis when the employee has returned to work on a regular full-time basis for sixty (60) workdays.
  8. Sick time may be taken in one (1) hour increments.
  9. Use of paid sick time shall be deemed use of FMLA leave unless, before using the sick time, the employee established that the absence is for a purpose not covered by FMLA leave.

Sec. 6-15702. Funeral Leave.
Regular full-time non-bargaining unit employees may be granted up to four (4) consecutive business days of paid leave to attend funeral services in the event of the death of a member of the immediate family. This benefit does not apply to part-time, temporary or casual employees. The term "immediate family", as used in this section, means current spouse, live-in relationship, mother, father, child, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepchild, step-parent (current spouse of parent), sister, brother, grandchild, grandparent or parent of spouse. One day of paid leave may be granted to attend the funeral of an aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, or any person with whom the employee is presently making his/her home.

Sec. 6-15703. Vacation.
  1. Full-time regular non-bargaining unit employees are eligible for paid vacation leave. This benefit does not apply to temporary, part-time, or casual employees.
  2. 6.16 hours per biweekly pay period will be credited as vacation leave with pay for each eligible employee provided the employee is paid for 80 hours. This benefit will be prorated if less than 80 hours are paid.
  3. Vacation will not be available for use until after six months from date of employment, at which time an employee can take up to the accrued vacation credit earned. In unusual instances, the vice presidents may approve use of accrued vacation credit before the completion of six (6) months.
  4. Earned vacation must be taken no later than June 30 of the year following the fiscal year in which the vacation is earned. Vacation credits are not cumulative beyond 160 hours absent the approval of the employee's vice chancellor.
  5. If possible, vacations are to be taken at a time mutually agreeable to the University and the employee. Vacation requests will be approved for usage in four-hour segments. No more than fifteen (15) days of vacation may be taken consecutively unless prior approval is given by the vice chancellor..
  6. Employees on leave of absence without pay will not accumulate hours to their vacation credit.
  7. If a person's employment is terminated for any reason before completing six months of continuous service with the University, the employee automatically forfeits his/her right to all accumulated vacation leave. After six months or more continuous service, an employee whose employment is terminated will be paid for all vacation leave accrued through the termination date.
  8. If an employee has earned vacation days in the fiscal year of his/her death, payment for such credit shall be made to the employee's estate upon receipt of the death certificate.
  9. Vacation time may not be used as part of proper notice of termination or retirement unless approved by the vice chancellor.

Sec. 6-15704. Holidays With Pay.
Following ten (10) days of employment, full-time employees shall receive the following legal holidays with pay, provided that they perform the required work or take an authorized paid benefit day on their last scheduled work day before the holiday and their next scheduled work day after the holiday: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, and further provided that the employees are on a twelve-month assignment. Employees with an assignment of less than twelve (12) months will receive compensation only for those holidays which occur during their appointment period. Additional paid holiday leave time may be considered and granted by the President provided that such additional time shall not exceed four (4) working days in any fiscal year. When a paid holiday falls on Saturday, the previous working day will be observed as a holiday, and when a paid holiday falls on Sunday, the next working day will be observed as a holiday.

Sec. 6-15705. Jury Leave.
  1. This section shall apply to all regular, full-time employees. Jury leave shall not apply to part-time, temporary or casual employees.
  2. When an employee is called to register and be interviewed for jury duty, the employee's supervisor must be informed as promptly as possible. The employee will then be excused for that time.
  3. If selected, the juror will be excused from work as necessary to perform his/her civic obligations. If the juror is required to perform jury duty on only part of his/her scheduled workday, or is released from duty, the juror must return to work for the balance of that day.
  4. An employee excused will be paid the difference between the pay received for jury duty and pay regularly received for normally scheduled hours.
  5. Paid jury leave benefits do not apply to service as a witness.
  6. Employee benefits will continue to accrue while the employee is on jury leave.

Sec. 6-15706. Military Duty Pay. Section 6-708 shall be applicable to employees of KCAD-FSU.