Part 6 Subpart 6-1 Personnel Hiring Policy

Sec. 6-109. Authority to Terminate Employment.

The Board delegates to the President the authority to terminate the employment of all employees, to give notices required by this part, and to make determinations with respect to payment in lieu of notice and/or reassignment, all in accordance with this part. Any delegation of this authority by the President must be in writing. The President may not delegate the authority to terminate an administrative employee. The President must notify the Board, in advance of any action he/she intends to take under this section with respect to a Provost or Vice President.

Cross Reference:

Presidential delegation.

Sec. 6-001. Definitions.

FSU-HRPP. Human Resources Policies and Procedures, Termination of Employment

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October 11, 1996.

February 13, 1999.

November 7, 2008.