Part 4 Subpart 4-2 Purchasing Policy

Sec. 4-201. Adherence to Good Business Practices, Ethical Standards, and Applicable Law.

Purchases made pursuant to the Purchasing Policy shall be consistent with good business practices and in accordance with the ethical standards of the National Association of Purchasing Management and with all applicable local, state and federal law.

Sec. 4-202. Equality of Opportunity in Contracting.

Contracting by Ferris State University shall be done in compliance with the University's Policy on Non-Discrimination and the requirements of State and federal law. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the University will be supportive of programs and practices that promote the ability of minority, woman and disabled business owners to compete equally for opportunities to provide goods and services to the University.

Cross References:

Sec. 6-102. Equal employment opportunity.

Part 7. Equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy.

Sec. 4-203. Purchases of and Contracts for Goods, Supplies and Services-General Provisions.

  1. All purchases of and contracts for goods, supplies, and services by the University shall be made in accordance with this subpart and/or the University's Purchasing Policy, except as otherwise specifically provided.
  2. Prior to any commitment to a vendor, the funds necessary for the purchase or contract shall be encumbered against the applicable account(s).
  3. A purchase or contract shall not be subdivided to avoid the requirements of this subpart.

Sec. 4-204. Authority to Purchase or Contract.

Unless expressly reserved by the Board herein, the Vice President for Administration and Finance and, as to the matters which concern solely the FSU Grand Rapids Campus, the Vice Chancellors for FSU-Grand Rapids, or their designated representative or representatives (hereinafter "Purchasing Officer"), shall have the authority and the duty to purchase or contract for all goods, supplies, and contractual services required by the University. This shall be in accordance with the University's Purchasing Policy, which shall include criteria for when purchases and contracts for goods, supplies, and contractual services for the University require competitive bids, written quotations, or written proposals; the approvals to be obtained for purchases and contracts for goods, supplies, and contractual services for the University, and the procedures to be followed.

Sec. 4-205. Matters Reserved to the Board.

The Board, as the body corporate having ultimate responsibility for the University, reserves to itself the responsibility to:

  1. Approve all proposed purchases of and contracts for capital construction or construction services for the University involving a cost greater than $250,000, prior to the solicitation of bids.
  2. Approve contracts for professional services for the University involving a cost greater than $25,000.

Cross Reference:

Subpart 4-1. Contracting policy.

Sec. 4-206. Monthly Purchasing Report.

The Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Vice Chancellors of FSU-Grand Rapids shall furnish the Board with a monthly report of all purchases and contracts for all goods, supplies and contractual services entered into by the University involving a cost greater than $10,000.00. Such report shall state the name of the contractor, the name of the city where the contractor is located, the subject matter of the purchase or contract, and the purchase order amount and date.

Sec. 4-207. Exceptions from this Subpart.

The provisions of this subpart and the University's Purchasing Policy shall not apply to the following:

  1. Employment of temporary, part-time, or full-time employees of the University.
  2. Collective bargaining agreements between employee associations and the University.
  3. Banking, daily cash management, short-term investments, stock investments, asset management of annuity trusts, and related matters.
  4. Professional service contracts with the independent auditors and legal counsel.

Cross References:

Part 2. Bylaws.

Subpart 4-7. Banking and cash management.

Subpart 4-8. Investment policy.

Part 6. Personnel policies.

Business Policy Letter, BPL 04:05, Purchasing Policy

Business Policy Letter, BPL 97:29, Risk Management Policy

Prior Board Action:

October, 1998.

July 23, 1999.

Entire Subpart 4-2 included in October 19, 2001 Codification, Phase I.

Entire Subpart 4-2 included in October 22, 2004 Codification, Phase II.