Part 3 Subpart 3-3 Admissions Policy

Sec. 3-304. Administration of Admissions Policy.

The University's Department of Admissions and Records shall be responsible for administering policies and procedures governing admission to the University that are consistent with this subpart. Such policies and procedures shall include the University's admissions requirements and shall also include criteria for first-year students, transfer students, transfer students under the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRO) Agreement, former students, transfer equivalency evaluations, credits in residency, and mechanisms to appeal denial of admission. Such policies and procedures shall be issued by the Vice President for Student Affairs and approved by the President.


Academic Affairs Policy Letter, AAPL 04:07, Admissions Policy

Prior Board Action:

Entire Subpart 3-3 included in October 19, 2001 Codification, Phase I.

Entire Subpart 3-3 included in October 22, 2004 Codification, Phase II.