Sec. 2-309. Appointment and Functions of Board Counsel.

The Board has appointed Board Counsel, whose functions shall include:

  1. Preparing code amendments, policies, procedures, and resolutions for the Board, upon request, and coordinating same with University General Counsel.
  2. Attending Board meetings and advising the Board regarding questions on procedure and policies.
  3. Reviewing materials submitted to the Board for Board action.
  4. Negotiating and drafting contracts referred to Board Counsel, including liaison with University General Counsel. This normally would include major contracts, such as intergovernmental contracts, international contracts, all contracts involving the granting of joint degrees and/or FSU credit, conference center contracts and co-generation contracts.
  5. Litigation:
    1. Handling litigation matters on behalf of the University in the federal and State courts and before administrative agencies as requested.
    2. Consulting with the President, the Board, and University General Counsel regarding the initiation, referral and settlement of litigation.
  6. Providing skilled specialists for consultation on specialized legal matters.
  7. Rendering opinions to the Board and the President as requested, including opinions on such matters as conflict of interest questions, the authority of the University to perform certain acts, and compliance by the University with various State and federal laws.
  8. Providing such other services as may be requested by the Board or the President.

Cross References:

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