Part 10 Subpart 10-9 Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Distance Learning Material

Sec. 10-901. Purpose of the Policy on Intellectual Property Rights and Electronic Distance Learning Materials.

Ferris State University is dedicated to teaching, scholarly activity, and the extension of knowledge and services to the public, particularly the citizens of Michigan. The University community recognizes its responsibility to produce and disseminate knowledge. Inherent within this responsibility is the need to encourage the production of creative and scholarly works and the development of new and useful materials, devices, processes, and other Intellectual Property, some of which may have potential commercial value. These activities contribute to the professional development of the individuals involved, enhance the reputation of the University in which they work, provide additional educational opportunities for students, and promote the public welfare.

The purpose of this Subpart is to (i) protect the rights of both the faculty member and the University and to encourage the creation, offering, and use of quality distance learning programs; and (ii) to inform all employees and students of Ferris State University of their rights and responsibilities whenever the results of their scholarly activity or creative endeavors are patentable, copyrightable, or otherwise commercially marketable.