Part 10 Subpart 10-4 Provision of Legal Representation for Other Officers And Employees of the University; Indemnification

Sec. 10-403. Responsibilities of President.

The President of the University shall be responsible for administering policies and procedures governing indemnification and legal counsel for officers and employees of the University other than the President and Board of Trustees. Such policies and procedures shall outline (1) the steps to be taken to request indemnification and/or legal counsel, (2) conditions for indemnification for judgments, settlements, and fines, and (3) identification of University officials responsible for communicating on suits, legal proceedings and/or investigations.

Cross Reference:

Subpart 9-3. Provision of legal counsel for the President and Trustees; indemnification

Business Policy Letter, BPL 99:10, Legal Representation and Indemnification

Prior Board Action:

Entire Subpart 10-4 included in October 19, 2001 Codification, Phase I.

Entire Subpart 10-4 included in October 22, 2004 Codification, Phase II.