Honors Invitational Feb 27th 2016

Brutus in CrowdThe Honors Invitational was held on Saturday, February 27th, 2016.  This is an invitation only event.

If you wish to apply to the Honors Program after February, 2016, please get in touch with the Honors Office at 231.591.2216 to make alternative arrangements for taking the Invitational Essay. 

Prospective students who complete the Honors application by Friday, February 6, will be invited to the Invitational. Prospective students applying after February 6 will be contacted by the Honors Office for further instructions.

The final step of the Honors application process is for applicants to attend and submit a writing sample at the Honors Invitational. Each applicant to the Honors program writes a short essay on a topic chosen by our faculty in the department of English. At the invitational, applicants will be taken to our computer labs in small groups, where they given an hour to complete the essay

After the Invitational, the writing samples are scored by Ferris faculty. Decisions for admission are made on the basis of each student's Essay Score, application, High-school cumulative GPA, class rank and composite ACT/SAT score.  We seek to admit about 350 first year students annually.

We will notify successful applicants by mail approximately four weeks after the Invitational.

CrowdAgendas - 2016 

Morning (8:15 AM registration, 9 AM start - all Colleges except Arts and Sciences):


Afternoon (1:30 PM registration, 2 PM start - College of Arts and Sciences):

FAQ: Honors Writing Prompts

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Presentation from the Morning Session 2016
(afternoon session differs only in the schedule)