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Honors Funded Travel Request Form

Forms for reporting:

In order to save paper and enhance organization, we have begun the process of making our reporting structure entirely electronic.  The links below take you to a google form that will allow you to report directly to the Honors program, and receive a PDF  version of the report for your records via email.
To submit a report to a HNRS 100 Professor, you have two options:
  • complete the form and ask for a email copy. When the copy arrives, forward it to your professor or print it out and turn it in (depending on the professor's preference).
  • Open the Google Doc version, go to file-> make a copy, and save it to your Google drive. (or alternately, file -> download as..., and then save it to your hard drive).  Then complete the template, and print or send to your professor.
If you would prefer to complete a document template that you can save, print and email, each form is  available in Google Docs format -- to use it, open the template, go to 'File' menu. If you want to edit it on Google, choose 'Make a copy'. If you want to download the template to your computer and edit it in MS Word, Open Office or other word processor, choose 'Download as...'.  


  • Junior Year

All of your reporting is completed in a bundle in your Jr. Year. You may continue to report Cultural events and RSO participation throughout the year, but if you do not, please attach those reports to your progress report.


  • Senior Year: Application for Honors Medallion

All of your reporting in the Senior year is also completed in a bundle.  You may report Cultural events and RSO Leadership throughout the year, but if you do not, please attach these reports to your progress report.