Fall 2015 Honors Classes

Honors Option Contracts - 

The Honors Contract program is designed to allow an Honors student in good standing to take an undergraduate non-Honors classes for Honors credit, provided that he or she complete an additional project that demonstrates autonomous learning on the subject matter of the course. Contracts ought to require competence or mastery of a specific subject areas or technique, rather than specific amount of time spent on a project.

Contracts are due to the Honors Program Office by Friday of the third week of the semester. 


Spring 2016 – All second year students in Honors, excluding those concluding their Honors experience after receiving an associate’s degree, must complete one course from the following list during the first semester of their second year. If you need an exception to this policy, please speak with the Honors Advisor. Please make careful note of C, S, Z, G and R designators.

 Initial Class schedule only: there may be updates.

Course Prof


COMH 121 Public Speaking Honors



Class Designator Key:

C – Meets Cultural Enrichment requirements

G – Global Consciousness requirements

Z – Scientific Understanding

R – Race, Ethnicity & Gender requirements

S – Social Awareness requirements


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