Alumni Success Stories

Ferris Honors Program Alumna Shawna OrcuttShawna Orcutt
Graduated 2005
B.S. Psychology
Attending DePaul University Law School in Chicago

Shawna Orcutt, a 2005 Ferris State Honors Program Psychology grad, is a 2L at DePaul University Law School in Chicago. When asked to reminisce about her experiences at Ferris she said: "Meeting mentors at Ferris that influenced my goals and direction was very profound. When I first arrived at Ferris I felt overwhelmed because I didn't know how I was going to manage being on the soccer team, maintaining a high GPA, taking Honors classes, doing service work and attending cultural events. However, once I was here I saw no point in selling myself short, and I ended up gaining far more than I ever imagined from committing four years to the Honors Program.

"LLAW 161, Law in the United States, was the best preparation for law school. Since so much research is required in law school (and I can't emphasize that enough), LLAW 161 provided me with the research skills that I needed to succeed in my law school Legal Writing class.

"The best piece of advice I could give to a Pre-Law student is to stay busy, and stay involved. Improve your time management skills, and don't slack off during your senior year, because you will need to stay disciplined to succeed in law school. The first year of law school is tough because you may not be interested in the mandatory classes, and you may wonder why you ever thought you could handle law school in the first place. However, knowing as a 2L that you can begin to concentrate on your own interests, and explore dimensions of the law that intrigue you, will help get you through it."