Alumni Success Stories

Honors Program Alumna Lisa FortinLisa [Randazzo] Fortin, M.D.
Graduated 2001
B.S. in Biotechnology

Wow, it seems like so long ago I was a timid freshman starting at Ferris along with the start of the Honors Program. Along with the other students who took on the Honors Program, I have continued to work hard and have just received my M.D. in June 2006.

After leaving Ferris, I utilized my Biotechnology degree and worked for a year in Neurosurgery Research at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. During this time, I applied for medical school (late decider!). I continued to be involved in the honor society at medical school, dedicating much of my time to elementary schools, homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, conferences, etc. I have had the pleasure of finding time to travel during medical school as well. With the World Health Student Organization, I went to the Dominican Republic where we stayed in an orphanage and ran clinics in remote villages. Also, with the Medical Wilderness Society, I ventured to Ottawa where we went whitewater rafting and I met my husband, Lance. We were married in Oct. 2005 and now live in Windsor, Ontario with our two boys - dogs! Now, after having completed my medical training at Wayne State University, I am starting my Radiology residency at Henry Ford Hospital.

Now for my gratitude to the Honors Program. . .the extracurricular requirements gave me an education outside of the classroom. This taught me an unexpected lesson that can never be graded and will not show up on your transcript, but will mean more to you and your potential success than any course you may sign up for. That lesson is a combination of the much talked about time management, and balance. What I mean by this is that you learn the importance of enjoying the world around you, having a bit of knowledge in more than one field, and continuing to pursue those social events that help you to relax even if it seems you don't have time to. I believe that a genuinely happy person will be more successful in his/her career. Of course, networking and people skills cannot be dismissed.

Overall, I would not change a thing about my undergraduate training at Ferris. I learned more than I expected and met one of my dearest friends and roommate for all four years, Kate (Doctor of Optometry, FSU). If you are at Ferris, you are surrounded with exceptional opportunities and the personal training/guidance a smaller university can offer. Happen to your life; don't let it happen to you!