Alumni Success Stories

Ferris Honors Program Alumna Julie (Pitsch) MorganJulie (Pitsch) Morgan
Graduated 2003
B.S. International Business
E-Commerce Marketing Certificate
Lansing, Michigan

I have worked for Independent Bank since I graduated from Ferris. While attending Ferris, I worked at the bank in the summers and on breaks as a teller. After graduation they hired me as a "management trainee", and this fall I was promoted to the Associate Bank Manager of a brand new banking office in East Lansing. At this point in time I plan on spending more time working for Independent Bank and developing my career in banking. However, I would really like to put my International Business degree and all those years of French that I took to use!

My absolute favorite part of being an Honors student was living in Helen Ferris and meeting all of my wonderful friends who are still my friends. Nothing will ever compare to living in the dorm with a bunch of strangers who I have grown to love (and miss) more than anything!

I honestly think being "required" to attend cultural events made me a much more well-rounded person. I really enjoy things like that, but I don't think cultural events are normally on the top of a college student's agenda. Another way the Honors Program helped me was by giving me a scholarship to study abroad. I can't imagine going through college without having a study abroad opportunity!