Alumni Success Stories

Ferris Honors Program Alumna Erin WitteErin Witte
graduated in May 2010
O.D. degree from the Michigan College of Optometry (MCO)

Presently she is finishing a year- long Cornea and Contact Lens residency at MCO.

What I gained from Honors at Ferris State was a support system. In my freshman and sophomore years I was living in an Honors hall and was surrounded by people who were in the same boat as me. We were stressed out, studied a lot, had high goals and really needed to push ourselves to “get there”. In my case, getting there was gaining admission to MCO at Ferris.

My fondest memories of Honors have to do with the students who started out with me as a freshman. The relationships I made and the deep friendships I formed were the best part of the experience for me. In the second year in Honors, friendships were even more developed and close bonds were reinforced.

The biggest challenge that faced me, and almost all of my peers in Honors, had to do with the stress we placed upon ourselves. We knew that in order to attain our goals, we would need to make high grades in our classes, so a credit load of 16 became the norm for me. I knew I would have an increased credit load of 20+ each semester at MCO, and, as an undergrad, I had to prepare myself for what was ahead.

The transition from the world of undergraduate to the professional at MCO was easier for me since I had been here for three years as an undergrad. I was familiar with the town and I knew a lot of Pre-Optometry students in Honors, and I met others in the Pre-Opt Club. I also knew many of the faculty members at MCO because I had met them through the Pre-Opt Club. I had a much greater connection and understanding of MCO, so that helped to ease me into the program.