Alumni Success Stories

Ferris Honors Alumna Dani RyskampDani Ryskamp
Graduated 2004
B.A., English Literature
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Presently I'm a 2L at the University of Michigan Law School, and I'm spending this summer as an intern for the Washtenaw County Public Defender.

My undergraduate career was impacted by being in the "wrong" major. My biggest turning point in college occurred at the beginning of my junior year when I decided to change my major (again), and this time it was to English Literature. It was exactly where I belonged, and I was hugely relieved not to be wasting my time on classes I had only a nominal interest in taking. I didn't have a formal mentor at Ferris, but I still e-mail my English professor, Dr. Paul Blake, and I make it a point to drop in on him every time I'm in Big Rapids. I e-mail many of my other professors from time to time as well (they put me on the B.A. Advisory Board, so there's no escape). I doubt I would have enjoyed my time at Ferris half as much without them.

Honors at Ferris gave me the support I needed to stop being afraid of my own shadow. It gave me a group of people I could talk to, who shared my energy and interests. It gave me a place to belong, and it made me get out the door and interact with my world.

It doesn't matter where you go to college; it matters what you do when you get there. Take every class, join every group, and go to every event that your time and energy will allow (but don't forget to eat right and sleep). These four years are yours; you're free to discover exactly what it is you love. The "real world" will wait -- life doesn't really begin until 30 anyway.