Step 3: Report to the Faculty Member

The SGID facilitator first compiles the students' feedback for the faculty member. The compilation does not associate any particular feedback with any specific student. In addition, the results of the SGID are intended for the faculty member only. He or she, in turn, can decide whether or not to include the results in any tenure, post-tenure, or other decisions, evaluations, etc. The results are typically e-mailed to the faculty member and, at that time, a consultation is offered. Although not a required step in the SGID process, a consultation or follow-up conversation between the faculty member and SGID facilitator is recommended. Such a conversation provides the faculty member an opportunity, after first reviewing the results, to ask follow-up, clarifying, or other "next step" questions.

Generally the faculty member will receive the results within 5 days of the SGID.