Instructional Technology Tools
Faculty at Ferris State University use a variety of different tools to enhance teaching and learning. Below, you will find a list of tools grouped by type.  Some of the tools have video tutorial training, in which you will need to log in with your MyFSU username and password to view.

Assessment Tools

There are many ways to evaluate student learning.  Blackboard Learn includes many tools to assess students, such as the Grade Center, Assignments, Tests, Rubrics, Discussion Boards, Safe Assignments, etc. Ferris State also has access to other student assessment tools, which faculty may find useful.

Classroom Tools

Classroom technology varies in each building and classroom. You can check your classroom online to see the specific technology available in that room.  You can also search by technology to find a classroom that has the tools you need. You can schedule one-on-one or group training with TAC training.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborative learning pedagogy is used to enhance critical thinking and learning while working with others. Many of the instructional technology tools on this web page, when used creatively, can assist with collaboration strategies.

Communication Tools

In the digital age, modes of communication has become limitless.  `. 

Digital Media Tools

The use of digital media tools in the classroom gives faculty and students a creative way to infuse text with graphics, images, audio, video and web content. Students who create digital media content not only reach learning outcomes while having fun, but they also develop skills in Web 2.0 tools in which they organize, publish, present and therefore communicate.

Engagement Tools

Engagement tools can be used to attain students attention and to keep them actively engaged with the course material and their peers.  Some engagement tools, such as "clickers," can also help the instructor determine if the student is learning what is being taught. 

Lecture Capture Tools

The use of video has been extremely helpful for both faculty and students.  Instructors can save classroom time by recording the lecture or by having students record their presentations.  Students like to watch lectures to ensure they understand a concept.  Lecture capture tools can also help foreign instructors and students overcome language barriers because recordings can be reviewed. Students can use these tools to record their oral lab work for instructors to watch at a later time.

Mobile Tools

Students can use mobile technology to stay engaged with course content from anywhere at anytime.  The manner in which it could be used educationally is endless because theses devices have strong internet searching capabilities, GPS, video and photo cameras, articles, maps, barcode readers, podcasts, voice recognition and recording, blogs, social media, books, etc.

  • Attendance
  • Blackboard Mobile
  • Note Taking
  • eTextbooks

Presentation Tools

The ability to communicate well is no longer a "desired" skill in the work place.  Educators have to prepare students to be able to give effective presentations using various presentation tool. Instructors who have been looking for innovative ways to engage their students might try using new presentation tools or find exciting ways to use traditional presentation tools.

Social Media Tools

Most of the social media tools available are online and are accessible through a web URL or a mobile device app.  These tools often have instructional help and video tutorials on their website, however, we can also assist you with these tools in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Textbook Tools

Many textbooks now have electronic readers, tests and assignments that integrates into the learning management system. 

  • Cengage
  • McGraw-Hill Connect
  • Nook Study
  • Pearson
  • Wiley

Video Tutorial Tools

Technology is always changing and it is hard for students and faculty to keep abreast of how to use all the tools out there.  It is also challenging for Information Technology employees to support all the tools available seven days a week at all hours of the day.  In effort to serve faculty, staff and students, Ferris State University has subscribed to Lynda and Atomic Learning video tutorial services.  You will find training tutorial videos on almost all software tools.  The Technology Assistance Center (TAC) has also created Ferris-specific video tutorials to help you with your computing needs.


If you have a question about any technology tool, or seek one-on-one assistance, you can contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning by phone at (231) 591-3826 or e-mail at