The conference will be held Wednesday, May 9, through Friday, May 11, 2012 at the state-of-the-art Education and Human Services building on Central Michigan University's campus in beautiful Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The theme is "Are Your Students Learning?: Examining and Building Optimal Learning Environments."

While all faculty members are expected to be scholars within their disciplines, teaching from a base of relevant research and effective practice and thereby providing a relevant foundation from which the next generation of scholars pursues knowledge. No less should be expected of the concept of teaching and learning. A growing body of evidence related to effective teaching practices and methods should drive and enhance the process of learning. This conference is comprised of faculty presentations based on scholarly teaching with a primary mission of sharing research-based methods that revitalize student engagement and learning. Please join us as we learn from each other and further the development of scholarly teaching and learning in our colleges and universities.

For more information, please visit the Great Lakes Conference on Teaching and Learning website

Please submit proposals to:

Proposal submissions will be accepted through Monday, January 30, 2012.

To apply for a FCTL block grant for travel expenses, please contact Laurie Daniels at or 231-591-2440.

Conference registration:

 Please register by April 1, 2012



Includes: Session Materials All  $195.00
  Wednesday Reception 5/9/12  
  Thursday Breakfast & Lunch 5/10/12  
  Friday Breakfast & Lunch 5/11/12  
  Morning and afternoon breaks, with snacks    

as per conference web pages at:

FCTL Travel Block Grant includes:

Meals: Dinner - Wednesday 5/9/12 $21.00
  Dinner - Thursday 5/10/11 $21.00
  Total   $42.00
 Mileage:  Round trip from Big Rapids to Mount Pleasant  $48.84
   44 miles x 2 x $.555/mile   
If your primary work location is, for example, Lansing or Grand Rapids, mileage will be adjusted accordingly.   
Baymont Inn and Suites (2 nights @$66.75 + tax)


5858 E. Pickard St., Mount Pleasant, MI
(989) 775-5555

When making a reservation, please ask for the "Great Lakes Conference Group". 

 Maximum Great Lakes Conference on Teaching & Learning Travel Block Grant   $430.02
All expenses will be paid by attendee or their department.  Once FCTL receives documentation, the department will be reimbursed by FCTL.