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Digital media are changing the way we think, learn, and interact – with important implications for our lives. Interactive media environments – also known as video games – are at the forefront of this push toward a participatory culture. They let us relive historical eras, manage our favorite sports teams, or even lead organizations in virtual worlds consisting of hundreds of real people from around the world. We’re here to give digital media a little bump.
Games+Learning+Society (GLS) is a group of video game scholars and designers dedicated to doing more in these media environments. With our friends and partners in the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery and Learning Games Network, GLS delves into how video games capture our imaginations, how their power can be used to transform learning, and what this engaging medium means for society. Combining faculty, students, and academic staff from the Digital Media program in Curriculum & Instruction with industry-tested game designers, we’ve discovered that well-designed, compelling games can improve learning outcomes and make education fun.
How do we know that? Our work has us going down three main paths. First, we study game-centered learning systems, from games that teach high school biology to after school programs that leverages commercial games toward improved academic literacy. Second, we design and develop video games that build upon the latest research in learning science,  neuroscience, and cognitive psychology, such as Virulent, which teaches virological concepts through intense, strategical play. Finally, we reach out to learners and academics through our Play Squads and our yearly conference to ensure that what we’ve learned becomes public knowledge for greater good.
At GLS, we want nothing more than to change how people learn for the better – both in and out of schools. Across all our activities, our goal is not to just swap textbooks with video games but to enable learners to become competent, creative problem solvers. We want people to engage the world in meaningful social practices and to grow into experts in domains they’re passionate about. Media environments like video games can help people become brilliant, compassionate and driven. So take a look around the site and drop us a line if you feel. It’s time to talk about the future of learning.
About Games+Learning+Society

The Games+Learning+Society group is a collection of academic researchers, game developers, and government and industry leaders who create and investigate interactive media, how it can be used to transform how people learn, and what this means for society. Our goal is to understand how games can be used to enable learners to develop into competent, creative problem solvers who engage in meaningful social practices – and come to identify themselves as experts within a domain.

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The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning will provide travel support for faculty to participate in the conference. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Todd Stanislav by email at:  or 231-591-3541.  To apply for a FCTL block grant for travel expenses, please contact us at email:  or 231-591-2440.




 Conference Registration

To be paid by attendee before 3/31/13 6/12/13 - 6/14/13 $500.00
  Pre-Conference Workshop 6/11/13 $50.00


Session Materials  All  
  Tuesday Breakfast and Lunch 6/11/13  
  Wednesday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


  Thursday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 6/13/13  
  Friday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 6/14/13  

FCTL Travel Block Grant includes:

75% of per diem less meals that aren't covered  Monday breakfast, lunch, dinner 6/10/13 $30.00
  Tuesday dinner 6/11/13 $21.00
 75% of per diem less meals that aren't covered Saturday breakfast, lunch dinner 6/15/13 $30.00
    Total per diem  $81.00
 Mileage:  Round trip from Big Rapids to Madison, WI   $429.40
   760 miles x 2 x $.565/mile   
If your primary work location is, for example, Lansing or Grand Rapids, mileage will be adjusted accordingly.   
 Lodging: University Inn (5 nights @ $110/night)  $550.00  
  441 N. Frances St., Madison, WI  53703  
  Reservations: 800-279-4881 Contact: 608-285-8040   
 Total maximum Games+Learning+Society Travel Block Grant   $1,610.40
All expenses will be paid by attendee or their department.  Once FCTL receives documentation, the department will be reimbursed by FCTL.  GLS hasn't published the 2013 schedule yet, so final block grant figures may change.