Timme Application Procedures

During an open application period, submit a completed Timme Travel Grant application (Word doc) to your Department Chair or Head for his or her approval. Approval via e-mail is required.

Once approved, the Chair or Head, in turn, must forward the application to the Dean of the College. Again, approval via e-mail is required.

If approved, the Dean must forward the application electronically with his or her approval to the Faculty Center For Teaching & Learning (email: fctl@ferris.edu ).

Please submit for review only a completed application and, if appropriate, documentation as requested in the application form. Additional documentation such as letters of support will not be considered by the Timme Travel Grant Review Committee.

Copies of the applications with the requisite approvals that are received on or before the closing date will be given to members of the Timme Travel Grant Review Committee for review.

The Review Committee will complete its review.

Laurie Daniels or Todd Stanislav will inform faculty of the outcome of the review.

If your application is approved, we will inform--for purposes of their budgeting considerations--your Dean, Department Head or Chair, and Account Clerk of the amount awarded and for which specific conference.

Submit, as you do for all travel, a travel request form to your Department Head or Chair.

Here is a visual depiction of the procedures. (PDF 48KB)