5 Levels of Certification
The Online Instructor Certification Review Team uses the following rubrics to assist in evaluating OIC applicants. These rubrics will assist in preparing a portfolio for submission and will be included with the application. We have included examples of what you might submit for each of the 5 certification levels. The list of examples provided in the Word file below is not exhaustive.

Level 1

A Level 1 certified instructor has the basic pre-requisite skills required to engage in web-delivered instruction.   Level 1 Rubric:  PDF format

Level 2

A Level 2 certified instructor has the platform-specific skills required for web-enhancement of face-to-face courses.  Level 2 Rubric: PDF format

Level 3

A Level 3 certified instructor possesses an understanding of the pedagogical choices appropriate for blended delivery, and can skillfully use the most common platform-specific tools for a blended delivery mode. Level 3 Rubric: PDF format

Level 4

A Level 4 certified instructor has delivered fully online instruction for at least one semester, possesses an understanding of the effective learner-centered strategies for engaging students, and can skillfully use the most common platform-specific tools for a fully online delivery mode.  Level 4 Rubric: PDF format

Level 5

A Level 5 certified instructor has completed Quality Matters (QM) faculty learning community and it's peer review process. The QM faculty learning community is offered periodically through the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Level 5 certification will use the QM rubric standards.