Faculty-In-Residence Initiative

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Purpose and Support

The Faculty-in-Residence Initiative will support the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning's (FCTL) mission to "support Ferris faculty and the greater educational community in their efforts to affect deep and positive learning."  The Initiative will enable Ferris faculty to devote significant time and energy to work that is of mutual interest and benefit to the faculty member, the FCTL, and the larger Ferris and educational communities. 

One Faculty-in-Residence will join FCTL for two to three years, beginning as early as Summer 2014, to contribute to one or more of the existing FCTL areas of work.  We also invite the Faculty-in-Residence to develop and implement a new FCTL initiative.

Reassigned time of 50% (20 hours per week) during the academic year will be provided by FCTL, with FCTL providing overload-equivalent funding for 6 semester credit hours per semester to the appropriate college; a stipend will be provided for work completed during the summer months.  Also, travel funding in support of the work will be provided.  This support will be from funds provided by the FCTL Timme Endowment and the FCTL budget allocated by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Given both the importance and scope of the work performed by the Faculty-in-Residence, the faculty member selected to serve in this role is not permitted to accept overload during the Faculty-in-Residence appointment.

Below we describe the areas of work in FCTL for which we seek the assistance of a Faculty-in-Residence.  We also provide information about the Faculty-in-Residence Application Process.

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning strives to provide a diverse set of opportunities for faculty, ranging from the New Faculty Orientation Week and book and journal discussion groups, to instructional technology training, assistance with course design, and research on teaching and learning.   At present, there are four specific areas of work that we seek assistance from the Faculty-in-Residence.  The areas of work include:

  1. Developing and implementing diversity- and inclusion-related opportunities and events for faculty;
  2. Supporting the implementation of initiatives associated with persistently challenging courses;
  3. Promoting and supporting faculty efforts in the scholarship of teaching and learning; and
  4. Providing leadership in planning, facilitating, and evaluating the annual Welcome Back Week activities.

It is important that the Faculty-in-Residence spend significant time in the FCTL offices.  Not only will this allow the current FCTL staff to have a productive and enjoyable collaboration with the Faculty-in-Residence, it also establishes the Faculty-in-Residence as an important, accessible, and integral member of the FCTL team.

Faculty-in-Residence Application Process

We invite applications from all faculty members -- tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track  -- who wish to serve as a Faculty-in-Residence.  The application form, guidelines, and information about the review process are online at: