Respondus 4

Respondus 4 allows you to create your own questions and quizzes and surveys for use in FerrisConnect while you are offline. Questions can be typed directly into Respondus, imported from a file, or retrieved from a FerrisConnect course. Some features of Respondus include the ability to:

  • Spell check an entire exam file
  • Add tables, bulleted lists, font changes, and enhanced formatting (e.g. bold, italics) just like in a word processor
  • Insert mathematical and scientific symbols using the Respondus Equation Editor
  • Embed graphics, audio, and video without writing or viewing the underlying HTML
  • Resize graphics and convert them to JPEG format with one click
  • Preview questions before publishing them to the server
  • Retrieve exams from FerrisConnect, complete with media files


Note: Respondus is software for which Ferris has a campus-wide license. This means that you can download and install Respondus on a PC computer free of charge! It does not work on a Mac.

For instructions on how to download, install, configure, use and import tests into FerrisConnect, please click on the "Handout" link below.