Formative and Summative Assessment of Practical Skill Performance Using Tegrity 

Monday, January 27
12-1 PM
Presenter:  Randy Vance (Optometry)

In the clinical optometric procedures courses at the Michigan College of Optometry, students learn instrumentation and practice the eye and vision examination techniques that they will subsequently perform in the University Eye Center while seeing patients under faculty doctor supervision.  An essential component of student assessment is for the instructor to observe each student performing eye examinations on classmates in a laboratory setting. MCO uses Tegrity to capture the student practical examination performances in place of real-time observance by an instructor in the examination room. Come learn how students use the Tegrity Student Recording feature to initiate their own recordings and how instructors review the recordings to score performance. Compared to live proctoring, this system provides greater flexibility in scheduling and a means for the instructor to alter playback speed, stop, and review. Instructors are able to provide more accurate and more specific feedback while reviewing a recording as compared to assessing, scoring, and writing feedback in real-time.

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