Surviving in the Wild:
Examining Student Conduct in Today's Classroom

Thursdays, May 23, June 6, 20 (Noon-4 PM), and 27
2-4 PM in GRX in Grand Rapids
Facilitators: Renee Vander Myde, Julie Rowan, Brooke Moore

Participants in this faculty learning community will have the opportunity to examine different classroom behaviors that have the potential to derail a productive teaching and learning environment. Faculty will learn how to prevent or respond to the behavior and identify possible causes. In addition, we’ll examine relevant research, best practices, and resources at FSU that are available to faculty and students.

All faculty, tenure-track and non-tenure track alike, are invited to participate in this faculty learning community. A professional development incentive of $300 is available to faculty who participate fully in four of the five sessions, co-facilitate at least one session reviewing relevant literature, and complete reflective response papers for each session.

If you cannot participate fully in the faculty learning community, but wish to attend one or more sessions as your schedule permits, please know that you are welcome to attend. Please RSVP by calling 591-3826 or e-mailing us at