PresentationZen Learning Community

Wednesday, May 29, Friday, May 31, and Wednesday, June 5
10 AM - Noon
Facilitator:  Julie Rowan
PDI: $200

The Presentation Zen faculty learning community is based upon the book by Garr Reynolds, communications expert and presentation designer. The author reminds us that PowerPoint is not inherently a bad tool, and avoiding common pitfalls will help us improve the quality of our presentations. In this learning community we will:

  •  Learn a new process to foster our creativity as we build our presentations
  •  Learn some basic design principles
  •  Find and use images to enhance the message of our presentation
  •  Learn how to use PowerPoint and other complimentary technology tools more effectively.

Upon successful completion of the work associated with the learning community, you will receive a Professional Development Incentive of $200.

Please RSVP by calling 591-3826 or e-mailing us at