Faculty Learning Communities

Please RSVP to fctl@ferris.edu or call 231-591-3826 for all events.

Faculty Learning Communities  

Naked Presenter

Facilitator:  Brooke Moore




May 22, 23, and 30 (10 AM—Noon)
Presentations:  June 4 and 6, 10 AM—Noon (pick a date)
Follow-Up:  June 19 and 26,  8:30—11:30 AM (pick a date or by appointment)
Please join us for a workshop this summer based on a 2nd book by Garr Reynolds titled, The Naked  Presenter. You may remember Reynolds as the author of Presentation Zen.

While Presentation Zen focused on the visuals aspects of presentation, The Naked Presenter  focuses on the other dimension of presentation – the public speaking dimension. In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to reexamine their public speaking skills through the use of the principles in The Naked Presenter: Preparation, Purpose, Power, Punch, Presence, Projection, Passion, Proximity, Play, Pace, Participation, and Persistence.

The focus will not only be for the classroom but beyond, such as keynote addresses, and conferences or meeting presentations.

During the final session, participants will present a 5-7
minute speech, which will be recorded. One-on-one meetings will then be scheduled to review the recording and give feedback. A $250 PDI will be awarded upon attendance and completion of indicated  sessions.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take a "naked" look at your presentation skills. Space will be limited to the first 15 participants.

To register, please contact us by e-mail at  fctl@ferris.edu or call 231-591-3826.


Facilitator: Julie Rowan

Wednesday, May 29; Friday, May 31; and Wednesday, June 5
10 AM - Noon
FLITE 108 

The Presentation Zen faculty learning community is based upon the book by Garr Reynolds, communications expert and presentation designer. The author reminds us that PowerPoint is not inherently a bad tool, and avoiding common pitfalls will help us improve the quality of our presentations. In this learning community we will:

  •  Learn a new process to foster our creativity as we build our presentations
  •  Learn some basic design principles
  •  Find and use images to enhance the message of our presentation
  •  Learn how to use PowerPoint and other complimentary technology tools more effectively.

Upon successful completion of the work associated with the learning community, you will receive a Professional Development Incentive of $200.

Please RSVP by calling 591-3826 or e-mailing us at fctl@ferris.edu. 

Surviving in the Wild: Examining Student Conduct in Today's Classroom

Facilitators: Renee Vander Myde, Julie Rowan, Brooke Moore

May 23, June 6, June 20 (Noon-4 PM), and June 27
2-4 PM in GRX in Grand Rapids
Participants in this faculty learning community will have the opportunity to examine different classroom behaviors that have the potential to derail a productive teaching and learning environment.  Faculty will learn how to prevent or respond to the behavior and identify possible causes.  In addition, we’ll examine relevant research, best practices, and resources at FSU that are available to faculty and students. 

All faculty, tenure-track and non-tenure track alike, are invited to participate in this faculty learning community.  A professional development incentive of $300 is available to faculty who participate fully in four of the five sessions, co-facilitate at least one session reviewing relevant literature, and complete reflective response papers for each session.

If you cannot participate fully in the faculty learning community, but wish to attend one or more sessions as your schedule permits, please know that you are welcome to attend.  Please RSVP by calling 591-3826 or e-mailing us at fctl@ferris.edu.