Announcing An Inter-Institutional Faculty Learning Community

Exploring the Intersections of Mindfulness, Contemplative Pedagogies, and Reflective Teaching

What We Mean When We Say…

...Mindful: Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally

...Contemplative Pedagogy: Teaching methods designed to cultivate deepened awareness, concentration, and insight  

...Reflective Teaching: Engaging in systematic reflections of their work by thinking, writing, and talking about their teaching; observing the acts of their own and others’ teaching; and by gauging the impact of their teaching on their students’ learning

Faculty from Ferris State University and Grand Valley State University are forming an inter-institutional faculty learning community and, i
n January 2013, this group will develop (i) a list of readings and topics for discussion, (ii) a calendar for at least four sessions, and (iii) a calendar of other possible social activities to support the purposes of the faculty learning community.

Each faculty participant will, by the end of the learning community experience, write a reflective piece on how a contemplative practice could be integrated into her or his course(s) and personal life.

As a faculty learning community, we will draft plans for continued work at or among our institutions in the areas of mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy.

Faculty who fully participate in this learning community will receive a $200 Professional Development Incentive. To register, please contact us at or call 231.591.3826 by January 28, 2013.