Spring 2013 Activities

Please RSVP to fctl@ferris.edu or call 231-591-3826 for all events.

Discussions on Teaching and Learning

Supporting All Students: The Benefits of Universal Design and Accommodations
Julie Rudolph and Kimberly Dickman (Educational Counseling & Disabilities Services)

Friday, February 22 from 9-11 AM in FLITE 438

Research shows that the college student population is growing increasingly diverse. It's important to meet the needs of our students, but this can also be challenging. Discover ways to adapt your instruction and incorporate accommodations that will benefit all students while supporting the learning needs and goals of students with disabilities. You will also learn about on-campus resources that can help you meet the needs of all your students, and feel more prepared to create an inclusive and accessible class. To reserve a spot, please call FCTL at 231-591-3826 or send a message to fctl@ferris.edu. 

Borrowing Tips from the Online World to Make Your Face-to-Face Class Even More Successful
A Roundtable Discussion with Christine Conley-Sowels, Spence Tower, and Robert von der Osten

Thursday, February 28 from 11 AM - Noon in FLITE 438

Often, online and face-to-face classes are viewed as two types of teaching that share very little in common. But for faculty who have taught in both environments, there is considerably more opportunity for crossover than we sometimes realize. In this roundtable discussion, we will hear from faculty who teach both online and face-to-face to understand what techniques and tools work best in a face-to-face class. We will discover how some of the faculty who teach online have improved their face-to-face classes with lessons they have gleaned from teaching online. 

Lunch will be provided. To reserve a spot, please call FCTL at 231-591-3826 or send a message to fctl@ferris.edu.