Critical Thinking Dialog

Facilitators: Donna Smith and George Nagel (College of Arts & Sciences)

PDI: $400


Having completed Level I: Practioner of the Fundamentals of Critical Thinking Faculty Learning Community, faculty are now prepared to become masters in the art of critical thinking. The Level II (Master) learning community provides participants opportunities to learn and apply the latest theories and models in the pedagogy of critical thinking. Participants develop a heightened sense of the verbal and nonverbal dimensions, and explicit and implicit levels of communication. They develop interpersonal, group, public, and leadership skills, and they learn how to facilitate student-centered discussion. The emphasis is on getting students to take responsibility for their own learning while providing them with the resources to make that possible. Graduates will be capable of developing a self-sustaining culture of critical thinking in the classroom.

For more information about any of the above, please contact the facilitator(s) or Laurie Daniels ( or ext. 2440.