Pay Rates & Schedule

Pay Rates: Are based on academic degrees held and number of credits being taught. Pay rates are specified in each individual instructor's service agreement or, in the case of a full-time faculty overload, dictated by the FFA/FSU contract agreement.

Pay Schedule: Ferris State University issues paychecks every two weeks. All required documentation must be processed before you will be added to payroll. Your paychecks should begin arriving three to four weeks after the beginning of the semester of the agreement and should continue arriving every two weeks until the full amount specified in the agreement is paid. A list of pay dates for the current academic year is available on the FSU Payroll Office website.

Paychecks are mailed to your home address if you are an off-campus adjunct faculty member. On-campus faculty who are teaching off-campus classes on an overload basis will have their off-campus pay added to their regular Ferris paycheck.

Direct deposit of paychecks is available and highly recommended.