Required Credentials and Hiring Documents

The University has teaching opportunities for adjunct faculty in a variety of academic programs. Adjunct faculty are hired on a semester-by-semester basis to teach at our Michigan locations statewide.

In general, instructors for Ferris should have five years of work experience in the area they are instructing, a master's degree in a related field (many programs require a doctorate in a related field), and teaching experience.

The following documentation must be provided to the University prior to the start of employment. These items are required for the University to begin payroll and grant access to the Ferris computer systems.

  1. Letter of application listing the classes you feel qualified to teach, and your preferred teaching location(s)
  2. Current resume
  3. Official transcript for highest degree earned
  4. Ferris State University employment application
  5. Three (3) current letters of recommendation
  6. W-4
  7. W-9
  8. I-9 and accompanying verification forms
  9. Employee Profile Card
  10. MSPERS Form
  11. Oath Card
  12. Copy of social security card (Note: the name on your social security card will be the name used on your paycheck and on the Ferris system)
  13. Direct Deposit Form – optional

Forward all materials to your Ferris Statewide office.