Confidentiality of Educational Records

The University recognizes the importance of ensuring the confidentiality of student records, and in accordance with the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1975 has adopted a policy governing the release of information from educational records to persons within and outside of the University community. Students have access to the information being maintained about them by the University and its various organizational units. A student may authorize, in writing, the release of any information maintained about him or her to any other person.

The University will not release information to any other person without written consent of the student about whom the information is being maintained. Written consent must be signed and dated by the student and must specify the information to be released, the reason for the release, and the name of the person to whom the information is to be released.

Several things should be done routinely to assure compliance with these guidelines. Exams and papers should be returned directly to the student; they cannot be left out to be picked up by the student. Grades cannot be posted by name, nor by student number or initial, because these are considered to be personally identifiable.

The University reserves the right to provide anonymous academic information to other schools and colleges when it is to be used for curriculum evaluation. For further information, please refer to the Ferris FERPA Policy.