Dr. Amy BuseThe Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is a wealth of resources that help faculty step back, look at their teaching, and ask the tough questions that will improve their skills which leads to the ultimate goal - increased learning by our students.

Dr. Amy Buse
College of Business




testAs a new faculty member that is coming into the world of academia from practicing my trade (dental hygiene) in the private sector, I can vouch for the validity and the importance of everything that the FCTL has offered. Weekly training sessions, end of the semester symposiums and PDI courses have ALL been so very beneficial. I feel more confident as an instructor due to the FCTL involvement. Thank you for everything you do for FSU!

Cathy Archer, RDH, BS, MS
Assistant Professor, DHYG



Susan K. JonesWhen I tell professors at other universities about our FCTL, they are amazed! The depth and breadth of activities, opportunities, and support provided by the Center are both outstanding and unique. I am proud to be a member of the FCTL advisory committee and I am always impressed by the center's strategic plans for ever-better offerings to faculty.

Susan K. Jones
Professor of Marketing





The staff of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is exceptional! They are experts in their field, easy to talk with, and open to helping however they can. They really care about me. They care about helping me be the best professor and professional I can be.


Patrick Bishop, MS, APR

Patrick Bishop, MS, APR
FSUPR Program Champion , Coordinator, & Professor