The Learn Lab Fellows Program

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning | Retention and Student Success

An invitation to all FSU instructors to participate in a new professional development and learning opportunity!

As a teaching professional at Ferris State University, are you interested in an opportunity to teach in a dynamic and adaptive classroom environment that supports collaboration and innovation?

  • Are you interested in an opportunity to enhance your impact as an educator and reflect on Students and teacher at tablechanges in the teaching process that lead to greater student engagement?
  • Are you interested in contributing to the University community's knowledge of the design of classrooms that facilitate effective teaching, student engagement, and deep student learning?
  • Do some of the traditional row and column classrooms that you teach in today create challenges for you to actively engage your students?
  • Are you interested in experimenting with new teaching and student learning methods?
  • Is being recognized as a Learn Lab Fellow and having the opportunity to earn a Professional Development Incentive (PDI) for advancing your teaching skills in line with your personal and professional goals?

Student and teacher at computerI
f you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then we encourage you to apply to the Learn Lab Fellows Program!

We seek up to sixteen Learn Lab Fellows for the Program, which consists of two phases.  The first phase, which launches in April 2014, with more dedicated time during the week of May 12 after final grades have been submitted, is an opportunity to engage in a series of learning activities to advance your teaching methods and skills, and to prepare you to teach in the Learn Lab (FLITE 405; this room accommodates 30 students). The second phase during the Fall 2014 semester will afford you the opportunity to teach a course (or portion thereof) in the Learn Lab.

Your expertise will be fully supported and, upon successful completion of the Program, you will be Students in Learn Labeligible to receive a $2,000 Professional Development Incentive and an $850 travel grant to present this work at a conference, symposium, etc. You will also be recognized as a Learn Lab Fellow for your insights and contributions to the Program and its success in achieving its goals.

To request an application for the Learn Lab Fellows Program or for more information, please contact FCTL at or 231.591.3826. The deadline for submitting an application is 5 PM on March 12, 2014.

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