College of Health Professions

College of Health Professions
Victor F. Spathelf Building, Room 209

  Program Credit Hours Offered
CCHS 101 Orientation to Health Care Systems ALL 3 F-W
CLLS 101 Orientation to Clinical Lab Sciences MED TECH, MED LAB TECH, DMOL 1 F
  Program Credit Hours Offered
MRIS 102 Orientation to Medical Vocabulary ALL 1 F-W-S
MRIS 103 Medical Terminology ALL, especially HCSA, MRT and MRA 4 F-W-S
MATH 110 Fundamentals of Algebra RESP, DHYG 4 F-W-S
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra ALL except RESP, DHYG 3 F-W-S
MATH 116 Intermed. Algebra- Numerical Trig. NUCM 4 F-W-S
BIOL 109 Basic Anatomy and Physiology RADI, SONO, RESP 4 F-W-S
PHYS 130 Concepts in Physics SONO 4 F-W
CHEM 103 Preparatory Chemistry DHYG, NUCM, NURS, RESP 3 F-W-S
CHEM 114 (if had H.S. Chem-1 yr.) Introduction to General Chemistry DHYG, NUCM, NURS, RESP, DMOL, MEDT, MLT, DHYG 4 F-W-S
BIOL 205 Human Anatomy-Physiology NURS, MEDT, DMOL, DHYG 5 F-W-S
BIOL 108 Medical Microbiology NURS, MST, DMOL, DHYG 3 F-W-S
BIOL 121 General Biology 1 DMOL 4 F-W-S